Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Visit from Uncle Bill

I've been trying to get these posted for a week now, and I keep getting distracted! OK, I'm just going to POST THEM! Here are a hodge podge of pictures from teh weekend of June 6th, when Bill came in from California for a wedding in Richmond. My Mom and the Swartz family came up from North Carolina and we had a little family reunion!

Billy and Lauren work on the PVC pipe that Bill was using to take some fishing poles with him back to California.

Lauren watches Bill draw a fish on the side.

If this whole Cisco thing doesn't work out, Matt has the Harlem Globetrotter thing going on.

Drinking white wine spritzers with Christie in the backyard

Mom and Bill


Bill and Kyla

Mom and Kyla running Lauren's very well planned obstacle course!

Lauren in front of Shield's Market

Bill and Lauren on the Sky Ride at the Richmond Zoo.

Christie and I entitled this one "The grass is always greener!!"

Lauren and I getting on the Sky Ride ... yes, she rode it TWICE!

Chicken waiting for Mema to drop ANOTHER ice cream cone. :)

Alicia and Kevin with Megan and Brayden - having little kids is a lot of work!!!

Christie, Lauren, Kyla and Bill

Kyla and Bill watching the giraffes

Mrs. Peacock (Alicia's mom) and Brayden

Bill encouraging Kyla to feed the giraffe ... see Kyla? It's totally safe!

Uh oh!!! Love Kyla's expression with her tongue out, too. Afterwards we thought she'd cry but she just said "That tickles!"

Mommy and Baby Orangutan

Mom and Kyla in front of the tigers

Matt with his new San Diego Chargers shirt.

Billy picking Lauren up on his way back from running the obstacle course too.

Going for a walk with Mema

Kyla and Christie on the Merry-go-Round at the zoo. Kyla HAD to choose the giraffe, of course!

Another of Lauren and me on the Sky Ride.

Beautiful baby Megan and Alicia

This made us laugh. How cruel to put the cheetahs right on the other side of the fence from their natural prey, the zebra? And the zebra doesn't seem worried at ALL!!

Mom and Lauren reading a story. Lauren's face is precious.

Christie and Kyla reading a story.

VERY fun weekend!!