Thursday, February 4, 2010

I can post from my phone!

Will this allow me to keep up with the blog better? I hope so!

Landing in a snowy England for Godson Ryan Lion's baptism...

'Wouldn't be England if you didn't see castles from the airplane ...

More of the castle ...

View from the train to Cambridge ...

Papers on the lap of who could only be a college professor... Calculus in French! I swear!

Save the Portland Arms Tavern!!

Jemma and Justin

Kyla and Lauren at Christmas

Bagels and Lox at Lamplighter Roasting Co. in my hood - my new coffee shop!

At the Luals with Deng and Duk before International Night at the Elementary School. I promised them I'd wear one if my Sudanese outfits ... Which confused many of the teachers!

Nyabol and Deng

Little girl from Pakistan and Momma Awut

Nyabol and me

SAG Awards night with the girls.

Shane the lion

Keegan the clown

Aunt Crazy the squirrel

Dearne with a pearl earrings

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame poster in the Cleveland airport. Dang, I would have loved this concert!! Check out the fine print.

- Posted from my phone