Friday, February 29, 2008

Acadamy Awards weekend, postscript

Here are a few more shots from this wonderful weekend ... we have some videos, too, but I don't think any of them would make them past my editors.

For my friends who have spawned ...

This was Lori's attempt at decorating ... It was going to say "Happy Birthday Meredith!" Then by accident, she wrote the M first. Then she didn't have enough space for "Meredith." Then she didn't have enough space for "day" in "Birthdday." Hence the arrow reference back up to the top of the brownie. Did this affect the taste??? NOT AT ALL.

Lori and Meredith at Easy Street

Meredith and Liz at Agee's

This is a RARE photo of Aunt Crazy cooking. You might want to download it ... it may never be seen again. Like a grizzly bear in Hawaii, this is one creature DEFINITELY out of her habitat.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Long time, no Blog

I had a FANTASTIC weekend with my girlfriends from the D.C. area. We have an Academy Awards tradition of getting together, but this year I almost had to cancel. Due to a strange set of circumstances, I am taking care of not just ONE, but TWO dogs. Here they are ... acting all cute and friendly before tearing each other and my entire house apart.

Sydney (black dog in front) and Audrey (terrier in back)

So the girls arrived on Saturday, and we spent the afternoon shopping between cocktails. Here we are at Can Can in Carytown.

But the weekend is not entirely without work! We were also charged with updating our celebrity dinner tables. This is also somewhat of a tradition. For years we've been talking about who we could invite to our Dream Dinner Party. The results are below. For reference, I ripped off a picture of our weekend from Suburban Daddy, who was one of the two guys who had to play Mr. Mom this weekend as a result of the Academy Awards. (I wonder how many other Dads there are out there that were forced to suffer the same fate?)

Anyway, I digress. My table is the upper left. I am also in the upper left of the picture below ... Liz is in the upper right, Meredith (Suburban Mommy) in the front right, and Lori in the front left. If you have any questions about the reasoning behind these guests and/or the particulars of the seating arrangements, just let me know. There was a lot of discussion around these choices! (Particularly Liz' choice of Don Rickles - Are you kidding me??)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not too much to say

I thought I'd just post a few rambling thoughts because I really don't have too much new stuff going on. I caught a bad cold this weekend which forced me to cancel most of my plans, including going up to Maryland to see some friends I haven't seen in 10 months. It still lingers, but I feel a little better today. My brother leaves for a month in Nottingham, England this afternoon, so I'm insanely jealous of him. I am somewhat comforted by the fact that our bonuses at work are funded at 182% and my home equity loan interest rate just dropped to 5.49%. Other than that, not too much going on!!

I hope you all have more to tell than me!

Friday, February 1, 2008

More munchkin videos... too big to blog!

Here are a few videos I had to upload to YouTube because they were larger than the 100mg limit on Blogger. I hope you enjoy them!

I feel like I owe a few words of explanation on the first video. Those of you who know me and have children, know that I always sing the song Magdalena Pagdalena to kids. This is no different with my nieces. It is a silly song, that has verses like "she had two warts, on her chin, one pointed out and the other pointed in" and "She had two teeth, in her mouth, one pointed North and the other pointed South" ... but it ends with "One sad day a truck hit Magdalena .... the driver had to buy himself a new machine!"

Well, I didn't really realize that my niece was ABSORBING the implications of that verse. Oops!!

By the way, she also stole my Rudolph socks. Alison gave them to me for Christmas some time ago ... sorry Moge!!

Lauren as Magdalena Pagdalena
(poor kid ... I am ALWAYS taking pictures of her, and she gets a little tired of it)

Playing with the Munchkins
(the whole kit-n-caboodle... playing in my Sydney's dog bed... Tinkerbell... Kyla's smile... Mommy and Mema talking in the background)

Crashing the blocks
(can you tell she's replaying some Backyardigans episode with "missing pieces" in her head??)