Friday, February 1, 2008

More munchkin videos... too big to blog!

Here are a few videos I had to upload to YouTube because they were larger than the 100mg limit on Blogger. I hope you enjoy them!

I feel like I owe a few words of explanation on the first video. Those of you who know me and have children, know that I always sing the song Magdalena Pagdalena to kids. This is no different with my nieces. It is a silly song, that has verses like "she had two warts, on her chin, one pointed out and the other pointed in" and "She had two teeth, in her mouth, one pointed North and the other pointed South" ... but it ends with "One sad day a truck hit Magdalena .... the driver had to buy himself a new machine!"

Well, I didn't really realize that my niece was ABSORBING the implications of that verse. Oops!!

By the way, she also stole my Rudolph socks. Alison gave them to me for Christmas some time ago ... sorry Moge!!

Lauren as Magdalena Pagdalena
(poor kid ... I am ALWAYS taking pictures of her, and she gets a little tired of it)

Playing with the Munchkins
(the whole kit-n-caboodle... playing in my Sydney's dog bed... Tinkerbell... Kyla's smile... Mommy and Mema talking in the background)

Crashing the blocks
(can you tell she's replaying some Backyardigans episode with "missing pieces" in her head??)


Sherri said...

I used to LOVE that song when I was a kid!

Anne said...

Hi Sherri! Wow, you're fast. I didn't know ANYONE knew that song! It was from when I went to Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake, VA when I was a kid. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Triple R Ranch?? Is that still around? I did that, too years and eons ago. :)
love the videos, Anne... keep 'em coming. I really need to start doing that more with my own kiddos. love ya! Hope you're feeling better real soon,