Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th of July in Ocean City, MD!

Yes, I know it's September, but here are the pictures from a VERY fun weekend with friends in Ocean City, MD over the July 4th holiday ... enjoy!

Ted on his vespa on the way to Dance class. Yes, I'm serious. But it gets better....

Billy on Michaela's vespa on his way to Dance class too ... with a pink helmut.

Taking the girls to the Minit Mart for breakfast.

Spies at a great fish taco place that I can't remember because it was 2 months ago! Sheesh.

Martha and Tim at said fish taco joint.

Hanging out with Tim, Spies and Martha at Coconuts.

Mary Paula cracking up the girls, as usual ... Erin, Michaela and Spies.

Tim and Billy

Taking a break for burgers

Back on the boat and headed to M.R. Ducks ... Billy dances, Marthat pouts over spilled beer, Tim lends a sympathetic hand. Of course, it was probably his beer that spilled on her.

Martha and Spies

Captain Teddy

Amy and Samantha with sparklers ... they did a much better job than Tommy Lee, don't you think? But like Jenni says, how hard ARE sparklers, anyway???

Samantha with her gangsta attire.

Aunt Crazy and Lindsey

CC at the Spies' house on Sunday morning.

Lindsey after Pepsi for breakfast.

Some of the modelling shots ... I think Samantha took this of CC.

I think Amy took this one of Samantha.

Back to the Lizas house ... Big Ted arrives.

Big Ted and his fan base ... the girls LOVE Papu.

Spies, Sloan and Billy at Seacrets.

Seacrets - one of the biggest restaurants I've ever seen! Something like 17 stages? It's insane. Good though!!

Sloan and Samantha

Tim, Ted, Karl and Billy

Lindsey and Spies

On the boat to M.R. Ducks

Ted and Spies back at the Lizas' house

View of the Lizas' deck from the dock. Ted and Michaela's house was like Bernie's place at Weekend at Bernies (1:45 seconds in, specifically - "...everybody parties from house to house, but they always end up here sooner or later!").

More Coconuts fun...

Amy took a picture of this for me ... it makes me laugh: an outdoor shower in the middle of a restaurant marked "Private."

Tim and Martha Spadafore

Aunt Crazy, Tim, Spies, Martha and Karl, back at M.R. Ducks for more fun.

MMMMMMMMMMMMM... nothing says "holiday weekend" like a bucket of Miller Lite.

Having a duck with Karl ... yes, we realize these probably aren't sanitary. Still, no swine flu, so we consider ourselves lucky!

Karl and Krista bid farewell. :(

On the drive back to Richmond, I stopped in Cape Charles (on the Eastern Shore) to check out the town. It was adorable! This museum had a lot of cool information from the time when the train used to travel all the way down the Eastern Shore and terminate in Cape Charles, before the construction of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

Fisherman's Island, shot out the sunroof of the car over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. I have a lot of memories of crossing this bridge to go to my grandparents' house outside of Philadelphia every Thanksgiving.

I wasn't far from the Princess Anne Memorial Park, so I stopped to see Dad. Very nice weekend!! But was I TIRED the following week!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bursting with Beautiful Babies!

Baby Casey!

First, let me introduce the long-awaited Ryan Benjamin Hugh Casey! A very dignified name for a VERY lucky little boy. He was born 10 days late and three days short of Aunt Crazy's birthday on June 22nd. Apparently this little English gentleman has actually already visited the States! What a well traveled newborn. :) Mummy and baby are doing great. I cannot WAIT to meet him in September!!

Sir Ryan

Looks like a mini-me of Rupert!

One lucky little boy!

Baby Anna's Open house!

On the weekend of June 27th, the Mary Washington College crowd reunited to officially meet Anna Jane Henderson at her Grandparent's house in Arlington, VA. We have been watching her grow from afar for many months now, and it was so great to actually kiss those adorable cheeks in person!
Some of us arrived at the Ballston Holiday Inn on Friday night. This was quite a road trip for Jenna's girls, Eliza and Eloise, so it was a great excuse to get gussied up. Here they are in their matching owl nighties and sleep masks. Such CLASS!
Eliza and Ellie

Here are the girls at the pool on Saturday morning. It was cold, but they were undeterred!

Jenna, Eliza and Ellie

The open house! Here is Miss Anna with her Grandma Rice.

Padma and Jennifer

Eliza and Anna

Anna and Ellie

The college crowd, counter-clockwise from the front: Eliza, Eloise, Anna, Jenna, Mo's sleeves, Jennifer, Padma, Mo's mom Eileen, and Kerry.

The birthday girls! Ellie and Aunt Crazy have the same birthday, which I think is so cool.

Eliza taking a picture of Padma and Jenna

Jennifer and her mother-in-law Eleanor


Padma with her new flower

Eliza-eye-view of Kerry and Aunt Crazy

Guest of honor and her Mom... I think it is a cute mirror-image shot.

Eliza, Jennifer's Goddaughter, feeding Anna, Jennifer's daughter. Sweet moment.

Jennifer, Anna, and Ellie

Anna Jane in all her chubby glory!

Beautiful Anna

Ellie, Anna and Eliza

Jenna and Anna

Grandma Rice went ALL OUT - delicious food and cute little cookie favors

Padma and Anna ... Anna, dear, it's rude to eat your fist in front of a vegetarian. Save that move for your carnivorous Aunt Crazy. :)

Jennifer telling everyone the CRAZY story of Anna's adoption.

Walking from our hotel to the Metro to go to Cafe Asia for dinner.

Eliza with her Kung Fu chopstick moves.

Aunt Crazy and Ellie posing for Eliza the photographer. (The Leche-tini is mine, not Eloise's ... yet!! Just 19 more years!)

Aunt Crazy and her signature red-wine-in-a-plastic-Holiday-Inn-cup position.

Eliza the Photographer: Self Portrait.
Sunday with the Hultman Five!
After leaving the college girls, I had a great time hanging out with my High School girlfriend, Erin, and her family, Chip, Finn, Cait, and Ryan. (Ryan the girl, this time!)
Finn and Cait waiting for Pizza Dough

Finn, Cait, and Chip

The entire clan: Ryan, Erin, Finn, Cait and Chip

Finn, Chip, Ryan, Erin and Cait ... what a brood!

Cait and her pizza dough bracelet ... I hadn't seen Cait since she was 9 months old! Bad Aunt Crazy.

Finn and his painting for Mommy ... methinks there are many paintings and many Starbucks in Mommy's future. :)

A sleepy Ryan and her Mom

Cait paints a masterpiece

Miss Ryan pretending to be a carpet ... I was stepping on her belly. Little did I know this would turn into an aerobic exercise, because Monkey See, Monkey Do.....

Next thing you know I have three carpets to step on!! I guess this is why Chip has the trampoline over there ... anything to wear out these little balls of energy!
Very fun visit. It was also exciting to see the house where Chip and Erin are going to build their dream home, as well as the final blueprints! Hopefully it will all be done this year. I can't wait to see the result!