Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pittsburgh is a great town!

I had a fabulous time in The Pitt this weekend. I drank pop, pulled my hair back with a gum-band, and even went on the Incline. For those who know me, I have mild acrophobia but I didn't get the jitters even once all weekend ... then again, the incline is attached to a mountain and the rest of the weekend, I wasn't driving. I was safe.

It was fun hanging out with the gang. We went to a sushi restaurant, shopped, took walks, and saw Jen's parents. Eliza loved taking movies with my camera and her 'signature phrase' (as you will see as you watch her Documentary Shorts) is "What do you think you're doing?" Ellie's signature phrase is, of course, "Lemme see it."

Last night Mo and I volunteered for the YMCA program "Bright Beginnings." Really this is just an excuse to shop, the best part being that we didn't actually have to spend any money! The YMCA busses in children of low-income families and give us volunteers a budget of $100 to take them around Target and shop for a couple of outfits. Our boy's name was Jayden, and he was so cute you just wanted to bottle the kid. He knew what he wanted and even though he couldn't have been more than 40 pounds, he ate like a horse.

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lemmie said...

i love pittsburgh too! i've only been there once, but it seemed like such a great town! target and shopping sounds like fun too!