Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are you KIDDING me?

How cool is this? My good friends from High School and I were Def Leppard JUNKIES. I mean borderline obsessive. We're talking Hallmark cards on their birthdays and bedrooms wallpapered with pictures of the band ... BIG fans.

Well cut to 17 years later, Jenni had an opportunity this weekend to go BACKSTAGE at the Def Leppard concert in Virginia Beach. This is Jenni with the two Ricks - Savage and Allen (who many of you know as the 'one-armed drummer guy.')

Jenni called me on Saturday and said "I'm standing right next to Rick Allen - do you want to talk to him?" I felt like I was 18 again! I said "Yes! No! Yes!" SERIOUS decision making disorder going on. She took this picture (albeit illegally) with her iPhone. It is of her friend Debbie with the Ricks. I was impressed!

I was so excited for her but SOOOOO bummed not to be there! This is a dream come true!

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