Friday, August 17, 2007

Workin' for the Weekend!

Hey there folks! I've has a busy but fun week. On Monday, my brother went with me to hang out with the Luals. (It's not really tutoring when school is out, but we did do flash cards!) Lest I forget that this family is not only a family of refugees but also regular ol' kids, when we opening my car doors to drive away, Awut (the 13 year old) opens the door of their town house and screams "Bill you are HOT!" Haaaaa! Billy was partially mortified and partially flattered. Girls will be girls!

On Tuesday, my Mom, cousin Kathy and Kathy's son Chuck came over for dinner. It was great to catch up! On Wednesday I was supposed to go belly dancing with my friends Susan and Kristen, but our instructor bailed at the last minute! That turned out FINE because we just hung out, ate pizza, drank wine, and watched my latest addiction (and character flaw), The Girls Next Door. Kristen was already a fan, but I think I'm going to make Susan a junkie, as well. We also did our best to convince her to record Bret Michael's Rock of Love - another show with few redeeming qualities but MASSIVE amounts of entertainment value.

I relaxed and packed last night because tonight I go to my sister's house in North Carolina. I get to see the nieces again!! Unfortunately, this means I sacrificed an opportunity to join my High School friend Jenni at Def Leppard tomorrow in Virginia Beach. I can't believe she scored backstage passes! She's taking friends from the radio station. I can't WAIT to hear how that goes.

Have a great weekend everyone!
- Aunt Crazy

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lemmie said...

i'm laughing so hard about awut's comment!

i had so much fun wednesday! yes, i think i will become a girl's next door addict. great. just what i need, another excuse to not clean the house! thanks anne and kristen!