Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Not much new to say ... Until today!

I am sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while. I honestly haven't done too much in the last week! The highlight was going with my friend Susan to Sur la Table on Saturday for a Tapas Class. We made all kinds of awesome stuff. At least I think it was awesome. I'd had a couple of glasses of chianti before the class, so it might have tasted like dog food. All I know is that I enjoyed it!

Now today, on the other hand, I saw something on my lunch break that I couldn't resist posting. I think this is so cool ... I don't know if the inmates in this prison in the Phillipines enjoyed doing this or not, but I think they should be VERY proud of the result!!

This weekend I get to see my friend Jenna and her family. This is a photo of them from their trip to Florida in July. Too bad these girls don't resemble their parents in any way, don't you think???
PS - Eloise was born on my birthday. Isn't that cool? Now she was actually born 33 years later, but who's counting?

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