Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekend with the nieces!

What a nice weekend! I went to my Mom's house in Virginia Beach. My sister and her husband arrived on Saturday, and I got to spend 3 fun-filled days with my family. It was a blast.

Kyla is growing so fast. It's so easy to forget she is only 2 months old!

Lauren was a blast. Her imagination just kills me. Every once in a while you'll think you're having a civilized conversation with her (well, as civilized as a conversation with a 2-year old CAN be), and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of one of her TV shows! It's hilarious. She'll be playing in the dirt and all of a sudden she's Daisy Duck and she's stuck in the mud.

When Christie and Matt left North Carolina, they told Lauren that she was going to see Mema and Aunt Crazy. The whole 3 hour trip she was saying "Are we there yet?" Mom and Dad would say "Not yet!" Finally when they pulled in the driveway, Matt went to get Lauren out of her carseat. He said "We're here!" She looked up at him and replied "Is this some kind of joke?" AWESOME. I love that kid.

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