Monday, July 2, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

Well, my friend Susan 'tagged' me on her web site today, so I guess I have to reply! Actually, this was a lot of fun... except for how boring it is that I've only lived in Virginia and how MANY other places I would rather be right now, of course!!
4 Jobs I have had in my life
- In the summer of 1987, I worked at Long John Silvers for 9 hours. In that short period of time, I washed about 1,000 baked-on, caked-on fish battered pans and I also managed to drop an entire tray of fried food on someone’s lap. I hated it, and as soon as I was able to land another job I quit, never to return for my $33 paycheck and NEVER to return to the food service industry.
- Hallmark Store – 5 years
- Managing a children’s clothing & candy store, Sunlovers, in Ocean Breeze Festival Park.
- Managing a concession stand at the Lynnhaven Boys Baseball Park.
4 films I can watch again and again
4 places I have lived
- Virginia Beach, VA
- Fredericksburg, VA
- Northern Virginia
- Richmond, VA
4 TV series I watch
- Entourage
- House
- Army Wives
- Grey’s Anatomy (although my interest in this one is waning)
4 places I have been on holiday
- England
- Italy
- Australia
- Greece
4 things I do every time I go on the Net
- Check account balances
- (this is embarrassing)
4 things I would NOT eat for anything in the world
- Green vegetables (OK, I have eaten them, but I detest them)
- Liver
4 places I would love to be right now
- Austin, Texas
- Any beach (on an ocean)
- In bed asleep
- Taking pictures anywhere
4 people to tag
I can’t do this! I’m flattered that I was tagged, but I just can’t think of anyone who would appreciate it like me!

Have a great Monday, everyone.

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lemmie said...

he he - wasn't this one fun!
see you soon!