Monday, January 19, 2009

Powderly Road Trip

On Saturday, my friend Kerry brought her kids down to Richmond for the day from their home in Fairfax. It was billed and promoted as a "Road Trip" to her son Chris, so that's the title of this post!

We had lunch at my house (I have a LOT to learn about buying kid food!) After that, we piled into Kerry's car and headed up the street to the Children's Museum of Richmond. It was so much fun!

Chris and the self-entitled "That Yo-Yo Guy" ... Yo-Yo Guy was quite serious about Yo-Yo-ing. He even had his own Yo-Yo holster on his belt.

There were a MILLION things to do in this museum. What did Caitlin choose? To climb on a chair. You gotta love a woman who appreciates the simpler things in life!

The Children's Museum had all kinds of different areas ... a TV studio with real cameras, a grocery store, a cafe, etc. This is Chris in the classroom.

There was a huge water area where you could splash around with boats, ducks, and all kinds of other water toys. They even had a lock where you could practice lifting the boats to higher and lower water.

Caitlin enjoyed crawling around on the mat...

... and riding a brontosaurus!

I could say that Chris enjoyed digging for dinosaur fossils, but really what happened is he discoverd that the plastic dinosaur bones could be split open and work like a construction grab truck.

Kerry pointed out the expressions on the faces of the parents around us in the younger children's area ... they looked utterly BEATEN DOWN. Once she pointed it out, I was cracking up. You could see it everywhere. I had to take a picture.

Cait liked to sit on the floor of the car while driving. I envision a low-rider in her future.

Chris coming down the treehouse slide

I'll tell you a secret - Kerry likes to play with the toys, too! She's not ashamed to admit it!

Caitie and Ducks
There was one exhibit at the museum that surprised us the most ... SNOW! They actually made it snow in the Backyard, and there were all kinds of snow toys to play with. Kerry thought this was great, because apparently Chris has been asking for snow all winter.
The Powderly family (sans Dave, who is in DC with every other Police officer in the country, preparing for the Inauguration)

Chris didn't have any gloves (who'd have anticipated SNOW??), but he still had fun playing with the trucks and shovels.

Well, the Children's Museum was more stimulating than we ever thought it would be. We were pretty exhausted when we left! (Kerry even attempted to put Chris in Caitlin's carseat - uh oh!)
Thanks for visiting guys! I had a GREAT Saturday!!

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