Friday, January 16, 2009

Miscellanea in Gennaio

Here are a few odds and ends from my January so far.

The first weekend of the year, I brought lunch for the Luals. It was a negotiation, actually, because I'd told them I'd visit on New Year's Day but it was so cold and I was so warm in my blanket on my couch that I bailed. In a vigorous negotiation, we settled on a Saturday visit including lunch. Here are the kids all hyped up on salad, pizza and ice cream.

Duk, Deng, Adeng, Achan, Anger, Ayak and Nyabol

Duk loves having his picture taken. He thinks it's really funny.

Achan and Deng

Anger and Adeng in the woods behind their apartment.

Ayak in an unusually silly mood.

Awut - The Negotiator - in the kitchen... in a TYPICAL silly mood.

Muloh asleep on the couch.

The girls bedroom - SOOO clean! I'm pretty proud of them for this. Does this look like the typical bedroom of 5 girls, ages 8-17?

On Saturday, January 10th, I drove up to Tyson's to have dinner with the folks I used to work with at the Census Bureau.

I have known these cats for 13 years! Wow, that's pretty amazing. I'm getting pretty darn old.

Cezarina, Lori and Jackie, with the beautiful lunch Keith and Hui prepared!

Austin, Keith's oldest son, was really good at using my camera! Here is a picture he took of his Dad.

Here is a picture he took of all of his family (using the timer, of course!)

Here is the "Art Shot" of the tiramisu, Cezarina and Lori.

Keith and Alex, who is probably thinking "Why are all these strange women in my house??"

Tiramisu-a-la-Keith... apparently this was for Jackie, who did not believe he could really make one! You have to know Keith to understand her disbelief. You see, Keith is a practical joker. He is also a liar, and I mean this in the most flattering sense. For those of you who remember my political blogs from last Fall, you may remember me having to "close up" my blog to anonymous comments because some random joker posted some inflamatory comments without identifying himself. With regret, I made it so that people can now only comment when they have logged in.

Well, I learned on Saturday, that this was KEITH. He was quite proud of himself for getting my knickers in a twist!! :)

Keith serves his tiramisu, thus forcing Jackie to not only acknowledge that indeed he is capable of producing such a gourmet dessert, but that in fact it was REALLY REALLY delicious!

Austin and Cezarina. Austin is very serious about the movie Cars. He knows it extremely well, and is - we found out! - capable of discussing it for hours. (It was adorable.)

Cezarina hasn't worked this hard since retirement! :-)

THANK YOU Hui, Alex, Keith and Austin! We had a blast!!

That evening I met Torsten, who I also worked with a shorter 10 years ago, for dinner in Reston.
Torsten quickly discovered what a nuisance I am with my camera.

I subsequently discovered that paybacks are Hell.

Eeesh. That's a lot of chins.

Good people-watching vantage point.

Finally, the least pleasant part of January: putting my great-uncle to rest. He passed away the day after Christmas. His family had a Memorial service for him on Tuesday. I'll miss you, Uncle Bob.

Robert Laughlin Park, 1919-2008

Bob's niece Kathy and son, Tim (my cousin)

A Grandfather clock hand-made by my Great-Grandfather, Charles Park, or "Be-Pa." It was partially made (side panels) with wood from the original Bank of Alexandria (built in 1792 as the first financial institution authorized by the General Assembly of Virginia), with authentic Black Forest clock parts.

Amy, Nancy, Betsy, Chrissie and Kathie - all of Uncle Bob's Park nieces.

Aunt Crazy (Anne), Amy, Kathie, Betsy, and Katy (Amy's daughter) and Nancy (Mom)
Katy and her dad, Pat ("Pook") look at family pictures

Uncle Bob's grandsons Shawn and Chris, and his daughter (my cousin) Lucy


lemmie said...

Anne, I'm so sorry about uncle Bob! Your trips look fun :) See you this week!

Robert Kelley Roth said...

My great grandmother was Jessie Park Newman, Charles' sister. So we are 3rd cousins. Feel free to contact me.

Robert Kelley Roth said...

My great grandmother was Jessie Park Newman, Charles' sister. So we are 3rd cousins. Feel free to contact me.