Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK Jr. Weekend

I had a nice, relaxing weekend. On Friday my friend Padma came down to introduce her dog Audrey to my brother's dog, Sydney. Padma embarks on a Volunteer trip to Nepal in a couple of weeks, and during the 8 weeks that she'll be gone, I will be watching Audrey at my house in February for 3. We wanted to make sure the dogs knew each other. Actually, Padma wanted to introduce them. Now I know why.
Things might have gone better. :) Oh well! We have a plan for getting through it. I'll probably have to be careful to keep the dogs apart most of the time, but we'll make it through! Since I'm not an animal lover by nature, this won't exactly be Shangri-La, but I'm happy to help out because this trip Padma is taking is going to be INCREDIBLE.

Aunt Crazy, Jackie and Cezarina

Yesterday I went up to Northern VA for the afternoon and had lunch with some ladies I worked with at the Census Bureau 12 years ago! (The gentlemen were supposed to show up, but Keith has 2 children under 3 and Rufus has a daughter who is a Wizards cheerleader, so he bailed on us and headed to the game!) It was great catching up with Jackie and Cezarina.

Flourless Chocolate Waffle ... yum

Last night was my first of 6 Adobe Photoshop classes at the Hand Workshop. I loved it! The instructor was fantastic, and I have learned a lot already. This is going to be FUN.

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