Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sooo busy!

I really pride myself in having gotten out of the rat race alive and settled into a more stable, predictable job. This job, however, has NOT been stable and predictable lately! And I have learned that when you are spoiled with a stable and predictable occupation, you tend to plan a LOT during your off hours! So when said stable and predictable job becomes busy and unpredictable, boy, things get WACKY!!

So anyway, I am working through something called "yearend close" in the Tax Department at the Electric Company. It's when they take they close the books on the billions and billions of dollars throughout the year. Unfortunately, the Electric Company doesn't use TurboTax, so here I am.

I do have some pictures, however, from when I took over the gifts given by my friend Mo, her office, our other friends (as substitutes for her birthday gifts!) and my family. Here they are!

Yay and Big Awut (background) watch Deng, Duk, and Adeng celebrate Sudanese-style.

Peter is very happy about the Target gift card from my sister!

Nyabol looks very pretty with her new hairdo (compliments of her uncles) and her new clothes.

Ayak holds up her new pajamas while little Awut balances Muloh on one knee and checks out her new jacket.

Twins Anger and Achan watch their Mom look through pictures that I brought, taken of the family over the previous 2 years.

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