Friday, October 31, 2008

See you in Chaaahles-ton, sweetie!

Last weekend I went down to Charleston, South Carolina to visit my friends Jen and Dave with my other friends from College, Mo and Jenna.

Dave, Mo, Jenna (with her beignets) and Jen Hen

When we arrived on Friday, it was Jennifer's birthday. Her lovely husband got her this lovely sheet cake (LOVE sheet cake!) from Publix, the grocery store that is Jen's current South Carolina obsession! (Dave's is the Piggly Wiggly, to which he refers with great affection as simply "The Pig.")

Jen blows out the candles
On Saturday we caught up more (NO shortage of conversation in this crowd!) and then headed downtown.

King Street

The College of Charleston, where Dave teaches

Some wares at The Market .... WOW.

Dave, Aunt Crazy, Mo, Jennifer and Jenna getting recharged at a a local pub downtown (I knitted the hat Jenna is wearing, and she wore it ALL DAY, bless her heart!)

A wedding at a house in the Historic district "South of Broad"

How often can you catch the Horse and buggy tour rounding the corner at the same time as a classic car like this one? And the tires match the house! Love it.

Aunt Crazy: "I'll be right with you... just as soon as I finish this pie."
(Down-home Pecan Pie ala Jen Hen)

Mo, Jen and Jenna - ready for dinner
The See-Wee (which I kept calling "the seesaw")
Love it!

Our host and hostess.... and Sugar Daddies, as it turns out! They treated!
The food was phenomenal! And everything was a platter! That's my kind of dinner.

Outdoor restrooms
Local Color

When we got home, we went casual. This is Jen getting into Facebook.
Sunday brunch at - where else? - The Hominy Grill

Jenna and her Grits

Dave, before his "Big Nasty" arrived. No, I'm not being dirty; that was the name of the dish he ordered.

Dave had to go to work (BUMMER) but we girls headed to the Beach on Sullivan's Island. This picture is for my brother Bill, who believes wholeheartedly that Metal Detector Man is the LOWEST form of man in existance today. (You should get Bill started on this, seriously ... it's hilarious. Also ask him about glutin allergies.)

The sand was so hard, some people were riding bikes. It was a gorgeous day, so we took a long walk and entered into some deep conversation.

We laughed at this ... HARD. Jenna found - count them! - FIVE bags of chips in Jen's pantry! Each one had about 4 chips in the bottom. What happened here???? We had a Potato Chip / Tostito Intervention and made her toss them out. Not before Jenna ate the remains of a couple of bags, which she insisted weren't stale. If you say so!!

On Sunday before Jenna and Mo headed out, we Skyped with Padma, who couldn't come down. Pretty funny how girls weekends can be over the Internet nowadays!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!
Aunt Crazy


92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

That looks like SOOO much fun! My Mom is the same way about chips. She'll leave 3 chips in the bottom of the bag and save it FOREVER... I do an intervention about once a few months, too.
AND... for Bill. Ok, I have to defend the metal detector guy. Matt has one and he and the kids LOVE to take it into the woods to "treasure hunt".... Ok, so sure they haven't actually FOUND actual treasure, but they have tons of fun digging up bottle caps, old quarters and probably bullets, which I don't wanna know the story behind. Come on, it's for the kids!! :)

Jen Hen said...

I knew you were going to get me on those chips! :) I wonder now why there's so much more space in my pantry--hee hee! These photos are awesome. I had SO much fun!! I'm with Jenny on the metal detectors...sometimes they can be fun. Dave's Dad has one and we find all kinds of things in the woods behind his house.

Anne said...

Okie dokie ... I will use your arguments to try to turn him around on the whole Metal Detector Man situation this weekend when I visit him in San Diego!