Saturday, October 11, 2008

On Vacation with Sophie!

I had SUCH a fantastic week with Sophie! She arrived the afternoon of October 3rd, and I swept her away to the Hotel Monaco in DC. Not because I'm a rich, generous Yank who loves to spoil her overseas guests, but because Scott already had guests that weekend and instead of saying "buzz off, Kennedy", he called his friend Jorge who got us a free room! It was a super nice hotel, and it gave us a chance to shower before heading out.

Friday night at Central with Mark, Sophie, Chris, Aunt Crazy, Scott and Tripp

We met at Scott's house and headed to his friend John's for a cocktail party in a gorgeous condo that overlooked the park and the National Zoo. Then we went to dinner at Central, on Pennsylvania Ave., right across from where Scott and I used to work.

Sophie laughing at the animal print amenities at the Hotel Monaco

On Saturday morning, we met Liz at Eastern Market in DC for some buckwheat blueberry pancakes and shopping.

To give Soph a true taste of the good ol' USA, I took her to the Virginia State Fair on Saturday. This is Sophie and the blue-ribbon 1,0007 pound pumpkin. Wow.

Pig asleep in feed bowl.

Sophie and our first (and LAST) order of deep-fried Oreos.

Aunt Crazy and Sophie in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Aunt Crazy and Sophie at Gadino Cellars' wine tasting on Sunday afternoon.

Texting Rupert from Gadino before going to dinner at the Inn at Little Washington.

Sophie and Mom in Mom's new house in Cary.

Kyla at Lauren's school

Lauren and Mema

Kyla and Lauren on the porch with pumpkins

Sophie and Kyla in the swing

Playing with the girls on the swingset is becoming a tradition!

On Sunday, I had lunch with my cousins at The Silver Diner - Kim and twins Anna and Chrisopher

After lunch, I headed to Dearne's Bridal shower ... Meredith and Lori

The gang from the bridal shower.

More later!


lemmie said...

great pix!
did you all stay at the george in dc? i remember those robes!

Jennifer Roberts said...

ok, who are all those hunky guys?? And where did you go hiking? Beautiful!!