Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andre and Aliya!

On Saturday I was invited to the 1st birthday party for my friend Sabrina's twins, Andre and Aliya. After another gruesome drive up 95, I arrived very late but with plenty of time to hang out with everyone. I had such a great time! It's hard to believe the difference between my visit 11 months ago and the birthday party this weekend.

Here are a few pictures...

Sabrina with Andre (left) and Aliya (right)

Andre (Dad), Sabrina (Mom) and the birthday twins



Aunt Crazy with Sabrina and Aliya

Everyone awaits the Happy Birthday song ...

After the song and the candles, Andre and Aliya sample the icing...
... which they didn't understand ...
... and, it turns out, they didn't like! It was so cute... they got into the ice cream part, though!
Showing off that post-cake sugar high
Aunt Crazy with two boys who LOVED to pose for the camera (I forgot their names, though!)

Sabrina with friends and family on the couch

Great-grandparents with birthday twins... Aliya only wanted Sabrina that day!!
Guests Charlotte and granddaughter
Kids pose on the bench
Kids pose on the stairs

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