Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 11-12

I had an interesting weekend! It was incredibly productive, incredibly fun, and incredibly sad. I worked around the house on Saturday and I am now ready to recycle about 4 boxes worth of old papers. Why I kept my Christmas receipts from 1996, I'll never know, but they're GOING AWAY!

Sunday, my friend Cindy came down from Arlington. We shopped and ate and watched movies and slept - PERFECT girls' night! This is from Monday morning at Kuba Kuba.

Cindy helped me shop at Target and Babies R Us for a gift for Sabrina. Sabrina and her boyfriend Andre just had twins, but unfortunately the twins are REALLY early. We went to visit them on Monday at George Washington Hospital (Aliya is in NICU) and the Children's Hospital (Andre had emergency surgery that morning). I hope these little babies recover gain some weight so they can go home with Mom very soon.

After the hospitals, I took Sabrina and Andre to dinner at the same Chinese restaurant Sabrina and I have gone to since she was 8. This is always our waitress ... unfortunately, we can never remember her name! She always gives us big hugs anyway.

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