Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Very nice weekend

I have some pictures from last weekend that I thought I would post. Unfortunately, what I DON'T have a picture of is my poor little mangled car.

On Friday morning, I was driving to work - and I NEVER drive to work - so that I could leave directly from work to head up to Northern Virginia for Alison's baby shower. I was just driving along and a car came from my right and POWEE! She hit my front, right bumper. She was very nice and admitted fault right away, so the paperwork on all of this has been a cinch. The bad news for me is that I was issued a shiny, black PT Cruiser from Enterprise. I really don't like this car, and according to the auto-body shop, I'd better get used to it because the earliest I'll see my adorable little Matrix again is Tuesday, November 27th.

Anyway, I missed Alison's shower Friday night but drove up in the Cruiser for Hannah's shower on Saturday. She and Brian are having their first baby in January. She looks so beautiful (as you can see below!) It sounds like they are ultra-excited, and she sure did rake in the loot! For example, with the never-ending gift bag from Meredith, I'd be surprised if there's anything left at Babies R Us!

On Saturday night I met my friends Padma and Mo at Jen and Dave's house to hang out for a little while and grab some dinner before their Goodbye party at Ben and Bethany's. (Wow, that was a mouthful - are you still with me?) I was very impressed with Jen, who was able to hold it together almost all the way through the party before becoming the emotional equivalent of a puddle. :-)

I stayed over at Padma and Audrey's, then headed down Rockville Pike to meet my cousins for lunch at the Original Pancake House. Katy (AKA "Curly") gets cuter every time I see her. And that's hard to do, because she was about as cute as she could possibly be from birth! Here she is after showing off her loose tooth. She was headed out with Mom and Dad that afternoon to her ice skating lessons. She loves them, and she's already at Level 7!

After eating 5 pumpkin pancakes (eek!) and catching up, Amy, Pat and Katy had to head out and I started to make my way back to Richmond.

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