Thursday, November 1, 2007


Here are a few random pictures from my Halloween and the Halloweens of friends and family ... Enjoy!!

My sister and my niece, Minnie Mouse

Without Dumbo and Minnie, I wouldn't be Aunt Crazy!

Kyla the Elephant

Woody (Matthew) is Minnie's (Lauren's) best bud from school

Minnie and Woody take Cary Park by storm

Mo coordinated The Dressing up of the Lual Family! From left to right, Awut Chan (mother), Yay, Pocahontas Anger, Kitty Cat Nyabol, Spiderman Deng, Peter Lual (Dad), Princess Adeng, Shrek Duk, Glamor Girl Ayak, Witch Achan, and Vampire Awut.

The teeth and headband Mo got for Shrek Duk were awesome... he looked so cute.

Princess Adeng, Granddaughter, was dressed to the nines!

Jenna's girls, Eliza and Ellie, the Snow Leopard Sisters

Cheerleader Elle and Darth Vader Dane Weightman

M&M Carly and Popcorn Nick

Aunt Crazy, Uncle Bull, Matt and Amanda head to Haunted Hanover


The Batmobile and Joker

Bob the Builder Shane and Fireman Keegan

I'm not exactly sure what Finn is, but I think he's cute! Maybe he's Pete, Shane's favorite character from the Mickey Mouse Club cartoon?

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suburbandaddy said...

Finn's costume is the I can't believe my parents -- actually, mom -- made me wear this mickey mouse costume that is two sizes too big and nobody can tell what it is and all I want to do is sleep but they keep propping me up to take my picture