Friday, October 24, 2008

Strange Days

I have seen 5 really strange things in the last 48 hours that I'd like to think can only happen in the heat of a US Election year.

1 - I had someone in my office tell me that my purchase of renewable energy is a total waste because global warming is a myth that is perpetuated by politically influenced biologists and geologists, who do not consult with climatologists, who know better.

2 - I saw the US National Debt increase by $700 billion in a single MONTH- the amount of our ENTIRE National Debt in 1977 -, and the Troubled Asset Relieve Program (TARP) has hardly gotten off the ground ...

3 - I have seen a crowd appear to agree that although Barack Obama uniformly doesn't like white people, he's still BFFs with Bill Ayers.

4 - I have seen a blog comment of a formerly undecided woman who will now vote for Obama even though he is "irritated about working with whites" because John McCain left his disfigured first wife for Cindy.

5 - I have watched newspeople and politicians actually ENGAGE in - thus giving credence to - the completely unproductive debate "What is Real/Pro America?", which resulted from a bad sound bite that should have just been left alone.

So ... here's a sincere, selfish offer from Aunt Crazy: I will give up my car (luxurious vehicle that it is!) RIGHT NOW - this minute - to anyone who can make the politicians and press corps stop discussing the following topics that I am personally tired of and do not believe will affect my vote:
1) Race, Gender, Religion or Physical Disabilities of the candidates
2) Plays on candidates' names (e.g. McSame, Obama Bin Ladin)
3) Keating Economics
4) Joe the Plumber
5) Candidate wardrobe budgets
6) Line items for a $3 million projector for a planetarium
7) Terrorists they previously worked with and lived down the street from
8) First marriages, particularly where the first wife fully supports the candidate for president.
9) % time a candidate voted with the majority of his political party
10) % times a candidate voted with George Bush

In the immortal words of Linda Richman, "I'll give you a topic. Discuss." ... except I have 10 topics:
1) Corporate and Individual tax policy
2) National Defense
3) International Development
4) Global and Domestic Economic Policy
5) Energy
6) Suggested individuals to hold cabinet positions
7) Suggested individuals to be nominated to the Supreme Court
8) Healthcare policies
9) Strategy to balance the budget
10) Social Security policy

Whaddya say?

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