Thursday, October 2, 2008


OK, I'm talking to no one in particular. I just need an outlet.

1) Why is it that politicians can speak with such confidence that I sometimes question my own High School education regarding the Balance of Powers (specifically the Judicial branch and its interpretation of the United States Constitution) and what a Federalist is? (Although I just read up on it, and maybe 'New Federalism' is what she's talking about?)

2) How can the Senate bill be "essentially the same as the House bill with $150K more deposit insurance and a couple of tax cuts", but the House bill was 109 pages and the Senate bill is 451 pages, which most Americans couldn't possibly comprehend before tomorrow?

3) Even if I could read it, I can't e-mail my Congressman from his web site. I know this is happening to a lot of citizens, but it just reinforces my helplessness.

What a wild couple of weeks.

I'm a little sad... I'm a lot sad... BUT SOPHIE is coming to town tomorrow for her annual pilgramage to the Colonies, so I have a temporary escape from the reality of the apparent downfall of my country.

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