Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin meets Madeleine Albright

OK, now that I have your attention!

On Friday, September 19th, Leslie invited us over for a casual dinner at her house. At that time, Kristen said "Perfect! I'd like your help dressing me up as Caribou Barbie for Halloween," Caribou Barbie being what we leftists have teasingly nicknamed the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

Well, after several bottles of wine, the makeover didn't actually take place until Saturday morning. The result? Pretty darn good likeness, I think. We were so silly and giggly after Kristen's transformation that we decided we needed to get out for a walk.

We headed south a couple of blocks from Leslie's house to Carytown, and stopped at Betsy's Coffee for fortification. I looked to our left and couldn't believe my eyes. Madeleine Albright was headed into the Restroom!

I turned to the two good-looking, well-dressed people in line behind us and asked "Is that who I think it is???" They laughed and said Yes. She was in town to speak at the University of Richmond.

I turned back to Leslie, Susan and Kristen and said "Madeleine Albright is in the bathroom." After the predictable round of "No way!"s and "Are you serious?"s, Kristen looked me in the eye and said "Anne, I'm dressed up as Sarah Palin." We just about fell onto the floor laughing.

Sarah Palin and Madeleine Albright

When Ms. Albright emerged, she was incredibly friendly and more than willing to take a picture with us. When we told her we thought it was kind of ironic to find ourselves bumping into her at 10 AM on a Saturday in September after just having dressed up our friend as Sarah Palin, she turned to Kristen and said "You really DO look like her!"

Kristen, Madeleine Albright, and Aunt Crazy

I am a HUGE fan of this woman and the National Democratic Institute which she chairs, so I had to get a piece of the photo action, too.

Needless to say, the morning just got sillier and sillier after that. There are some more photos on my facebook page, if you want to see the progression. It was a surreal day.

I love this video:

Alaskans for Obama!


Matt said...

Happy to see you have an interest in the NDI. Did you know that the NDI was part of the National Endowment for Democracy which was founded in 1983 and initially consisted of the NDI, IRI, CIPE and the ACILS and was inspired by none other than Ronald Reagan of all people. Oh by the way, as an election year bonus, the IRI is currently Chaired by U.S. Senator and Presidential hopeful John McCain. Looks like you do have some common interests with those righties.

Anne said...

See? I have political ambidexterity after all. :) Who'd have thunk it?

Anne said...

Yes, a comment was deleted from this post. I have a pet peeve for people who post opinions as "Anonymous". I didn't want to have to turn off the ability to do it, because I didn't want to force people to get Google accounts, but oh well.

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