Monday, June 30, 2008

Porch, Pals, and Pittsburgh!

Well, we did it. I am SUCH a clutz, though... can you believe that during the course of this one day project, I spilled - not one, but - TWO cans of paint?? Maybe my Mom is right. Perhaps she SHOULDN'T have let the doctor use the forceps.

I met my neighbor, too.

The porch (AND the columns AND the cornices AND the spindles) is (are) painted!! Thanks for your help, little bro. I wouldn't have done all that you wanted to do, but I'm so glad you talked me into it. It looks great.

I'm now in Pittsburgh for work, and got to hang out with the Fachers yesterday. This is Eliza and Eloise at the Barnes & Noble.

This is the view from my room at the Pittsburgh Hilton. Nice, eh? The new stadium on the right and there is a beautiful fountain to the left. You can't see it, but off further to the left is the incline, and as I went to sleep, I could see a gorgeous church all lit up at the top of the hill. Very pretty. I love Pittsburgh.

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