Friday, June 20, 2008

Party Hearty Marty!

This has been the week of preparations for the big "End of School BBQ" for the family I tutor. It will be on Sunday afternoon ... the invite is above.

Now, help me do the math on this one:

Lual Family = 11
Extended Lual Family = 3
8 invites each for the 7 school-age children - 7 x 8 = 56
Probable number of escorts for invitees = 25
Additional outstanding invites to teachers, counselors, other tutors and friends = 31
Aunt Crazy = 1
Total possible attendees at Sunday's party = 127

Now, that's a lot of cold cuts, baby. Thank goodness these kids don't drink yet - I'd have to take out another mortgage on my house.

So tonight Mo is taking me to Costco (God love her) to procure food. Tomorrow I scoop up a handful of the kids to employ them as child labor in the pre-party setup phase. I've ordered Earth-friendly party supplies and fans for the guests (as party favors) in case it gets hot. Not too much I can do about the rain, though, so PLEASE let it stay dry from 12-4!!!

Wish us luck!! And have a great weekend,
Aunt Crazy


Jen Hen said...

Good luck with the party Aunt Crazy!!! I know it will be great...and you are great for having this!!!!

Jennifer Roberts said...

It's Sunday. 3:40... no rain here; hope not up there either!
Hope it all went well! Those are some lucky children :)