Friday, June 13, 2008

It doesn't FEEL like Friday the 13th!

It just feels like FRIDAY! Whoopee!

I am in town this weekend catching up on my weeks of slacking off. It's been fun though! I've gone out to dinner, unpacked all of my treasures from England, and even got to spend several days with my sister's family in Cary last weekend. We had such fun! Here are a couple of the latest pictures of Munchkin and Pipsqueak. It's not often I can get them to grin like this - if only I could get them to smile like this in ONE PICTURE at the SAME TIME! Oh well, it's good to have goals.

Don't forget World Wide Knit in Public Day tomorrow (I know, I know - it was already on your calendars!)

Have a great weekend!

Aunt Crazy

Lauren (Munchkin) as Minnie, with Minnie

Kyla (Pipsqueak) - not to be outdone by her big sister - grabs the nearest Happy Birthday hat

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