Friday, June 27, 2008

Sand-a Floor!!

Well, OK, I'm no Mr. Miyagi, but in a vain attempt at doing my own work on my house this weekend (don't worry, my brother is helping), I have plans to paint the porch.

For those of you who know me, I have had my fair share of home improvement projects with the last house I owned. Everyone told me "you don't know what you're getting into." I didn't know what I was getting into. At ALL.

Now, I'm somewhat more realistic about my expectations. Still, because I've been burned before, I now tend to look upon every project as a monumental event. For example, this is my front porch:

This is what my front porch looks like to me when I consider the task of painting it:

I think I'm organized, though. Here's the plan:
1) Bill pressure-washed the area a few weeks ago, so we're all set.
2) Spot sand, clean and paint the bare areas of the deck.
3) Clean the verticals (rails and columns).
4) Prime and paint verticals.
5) While waiting for primer to dry, rip out, measure and cut new latticework for under the porch.
6) Paint deck.
7) Paint latticework.
8) Install latticework.
9) Take bath and drink a beer.

Here's are the big variable:

Wish me luck!!

On Sunday I head to Pittsburgh on business (read: EXPENSED!) and I get to hang out with my friend Jenna and hopefully Andrea ... here's a recent pic of Jenna and her little anklebiters:


Mim said...

Oh Anne, I wish I'd have had a blog when we were renovating, or just making our house livable when we first got it. I like the actual and what it feels like comparison! You are SO funny. Thanks for the chuckle I got from this post. PS, nice meeting you in person, what a surprise and re conversation: how about double bed sheets? YES, fingers crossed for you that the rain holds off.

William said...

Wasn't so bad was it? Funniest moment - you spilling the second bucket of paint 30 seconds after I jokingly told you to be careful with your $40 bucket of paint. Worst moment - sticking my head in a live spider web under your porch when I was installing studs for the lattice work. Best moment - cold beer at the end! Love you big sis. Thanks for taking my labor in lieu of rent!

Mim said...

Me again, I just walked down and looked at your porch and it looks WONDERfUL! Great job!