Tuesday, June 24, 2008


IT DIDN'T RAIN! Thanks goodness. It was funny enough having my food in the garage, part of the party on my front porch, part of the party in my backyard and a dozen kids running up and down the alley behind my house ... if people had been inside it would have been a zoo!

So much fun! We had friends, family, teachers, counselors, neighbors and siblings in attendance. There was nowhere NEAR 127 people (which is fine with me!), but unfortunately Aunt Crazy bought WAY too much food in anticipation of the masses. I don't regret it at all, though, because I gave it all to the Luals to take home and with 10-14 mouths to feed at any given meal, I'm pretty sure it's all gone now!

Here are some pictures from the party. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Seth, Deng, Sadie and Grace

Susan, Kristen, Leslie, Courtney, Awut (Awut Chan, that is, also known as "Big Awut"), Barb, Matt and Amanda

Aunt Crazy

Twins Achan and Anger, who stayed at my house Friday - Sunday to help me prepare

Friends from school

Nicole surprised me with a Birthday Cake! Matt helped light the candles and Deng helped me blow them out!

Nicole and Aunt Crazy

Duk and Deng were all decked out in their little suits at the beginning of the party, but even with the fans supplied as party favors, it was much too hot to wear them the whole time!


Duk, Ramsey Cole, and Deng became fast friends!

Nyabol and Barb were buddied-up quickly, too

Awut Lual (aka "Little Awut"), Deng, Duk, Awut Chan, Achan and Anger Lual

Another Lual tutor, Lauren (who absolutely saved the party by solving the last minute transportation problems of the guests of honor!), Awut's friend Brandon, Awut, and Ayak

Yay and Nyabol's friend, Ernie

Mrs. Abrams (who coordinated the Jamestown Field Trip) and Awut

The alley behind my house - definitely the preferred party zone

Dancing to the Lual 2008 Playlist on my iPod


Kristen said...

Well done! That was quite the spread.

I'm afraid I'm out for tonight--believe it or not, Courtney and I have dinner plans that I forgot about last night. Not at my own house, though.

Mim said...

Hello neighbor! I heard your lovely party down my alley and thought "what fun they're having!" I didn't put the first shelf up, I started putting things on it and documenting it March 2007. I was sad when it got knocked down and happy when new one appeared. It's so wonderful to have a community ART PROJECT! Thanks for commenting on my mim4art blog.