Monday, May 5, 2008

LEDFOOT tears up Mechanicsville!

On Friday I crashed a private party in Mechanicsville, VA where my friend Courtney's band, Ledfoot, was playing. Although instructed to keep my expectations to a minimum (they are still new; this was the singer's first 'gig'), we had a great time! Originally, Kristen (Courtney's wife) and I were only going to stay for a few songs ... cut to the next scene, it was 1 AM!

This is only my second time seeing Ledfoot play, and Aunt Crazy is going to have to do her best not to turn into Mel from Flight of the Conchords.


Kristen and Courtney

Kristen had the unenviable role of designated driver, but she enjoyed the worms-eye-view of the frozen-margarita-infused dancing. (Is that enough hyphenated imagery for you?)

Enthusiastic audience member - she danced for a long time!

Bill and Dan on guitar

Brian and Robin, a friend of his from work... don't tell Spies, but she was actually allowed to play!

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