Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, it looks like I've reached Google's limit for how many pictures I can put in a single post, so here is a separate post for Saturday morning! So I'm calling this post "addendum." :)

This is Bill, Jon, Nate, and Sydney around 7:45 on Saturday morning.


I didn't mention in my previous post, but after the guys left for the race, I rode my bike up to see my friend Courtney's band, Ledfoot. They ROCKED! Even with the Rain and guitar amp fuse breaking, the show was amazing. I didn't think I could get that energized at 9 on a Saturday morning, but it was a BLAST! The runners were going by, pumping their hands in the air. Some of my personal favorites are below.

Ledfoot (Bill, Courtney, Daniel, and Brian)

Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door

More fans - is that Kid Rock?

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