Friday, April 11, 2008

50 Favorite Things

From my friend Susan's blog ... As of April, 2008, these are 50 of my favorite things, not necessarily in order:

NOTE: I guess I’m just not as happy a person as Susan, because I couldn’t list 100... and I really gave this some thought!

1. My family & friends – I could use up the whole list on this, so I won’t mention everyone specifically … plus, if I did it in the wrong order, I’d get in lots of trouble!
2. Austin, TX
3. The color blue, particularly Marina blue
4. The Beach, especially swimming in the Ocean
5. My nieces (OK, I said I wasn’t going to mention friends and family specifically, but I had to do it)
6. Photographs
7. Thanksgiving
8. Italy
9. Tutoring the Lual family
10. Ice Cream, especially Coffee Toffee
11. A favorite pair of blue jeans
12. Old houses
13. Movies
14. Live Music
15. Children, especially from 2-8 years
16. Good yarn
17. Bad television
18. Hello Dolly bars, sometimes called 7 Layer bars
19. When great things happen to people I love
20. Open windows in warm weather
21. Gadgets
22. Bombay Sapphire, tonic, lime and lots of ice
23. Unexpectedly getting out of work early
24. A first kiss
25. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
26. Ideas for green lifestyles that reduce waste AND make money
27. Fresh paint
28. Mushroom risotto
29. When I get an e-mail from an old friend out of the blue
30. Spas
31. Anything with Samantha Bee (The Daily Show)
32. Broadway
33. Standard transmission
34. Sleeping
35. Red wine – especially most Super-Tuscans
36. Uber-soft fleece blankets
37. Coffee with a little whole milk and raw sugar
38. Gutsy people
39. A clean house
40. Eating steamed crabs (JUMBO) and drinking Miller Lite at Seaside Restaurant in Glen Burnie, MD
41. Pajamas
42. Snapdragons
43. Going out to dinner
44. Jackdaws by Ken Follett
45. Pad Thai
46. Girls’ Weekends
47. French fries
48. Books on tape/cd
49. My new bike
50. When my friend’s husband calls me to see if I am available before planning her party, because he truly wants me to go.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to continue the "stealing" chain and do it myself! that's so great!!

Anonymous said...

How about glam Metal? Retro 70s music? Dancing and singing to oldies? Shiner Boch? Ice cream with rasberry sauce? Hearing an old song that you haven't heard forever on the radio? The way a song reminds you of a fun moment?
Clean sheets, favorite pillow, a good hug, the first warm day after a cold winter or a surprisingly warm day in the middle of winter, the smell in the air after a summer rain, a warm fire on a cold snowy day with a cup of hot chocolate w/ lots of marshmellows, the feel of the sun on your skin after winter, the excited feeling of the first snow fall, the crunch of autumn leaves when you walk on them...ok this is fun