Thursday, April 3, 2008

Road Trip to Northern Virginia

I drove up to the Washington DC area last weekend to visit a few friends ... and a few NEW friends!

Cindy and Eric just had their first baby, Paige. She was several weeks old and - although perfectly healthy and normal - still several pounds smaller than big ol' Aunt Crazy's 10 lbs 7 oz birth weight. (I love you, Mom!) I had a great time holding her and she was SUCH a sport as we passed her all around!

Proud Papa Eric

Mama calls Lost Dog (Aunt Crazy's request - YUUUUM), with Mama's Mama on the right

I also finally met Soo's new boyfriend, Jeff... very good guy! Here are Jeff and a VERY nervous Soo, who is holding baby Paige.

After visiting Cindy, Eric and Paige, we (Jeff, Soo and I) went out for a drink. Lots of girltalk and a long sleep later, Soo and I took in brunch at Brio at Tyson's Corner on Sunday morning. YUM!

Then I visited friends in Fairfax, including my third-new-friend-for-the-weekend, Katie! Katie was born in November, but this is my first time meeting her. She has Shirley-Temple-cuteness potential, no doubt!

Squirmy Christopher, Kerry, Katie, and Dave

Miss Nicole (FKA - Formally Known As)

Christopher, Skateboard, Pablo, Diego, Tyrone, and Mickey

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