Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bill!!

You may know him as Bill, "Uncle Bull" or Uncle Bill (interchangeably), Billy, Bubba, Kennedy, Stretch, Tower of Power, or any number of things. What it comes down to is this: today is my baby brother's birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday, Bill!

This past weekend my entire family came to stay at my house to celebrate Bill's birthday with him here in Richmond. Unfortunately it was a rainy and dreary weekend, but we had a BLAST nonetheless. On Saturday morning Bill and his buddies ran the Monument Avenue 10K that morning, then Christie, Matt and I met him at Popkin Tavern that night for the party. Also in town were Jon Fitte from South Carolina, Ronnie and Beth, up from Virginia Beach for the event, and Dearne and Andrew, down from Arlington. It was such a fabulous time! Many thanks to Mema for babysitting!

Sunday morning MOST of us made it to brunch at the Jefferson, something Bill and I have done for his birthday in the past and something Christie really wanted to do while she was in town. It was fantastic, as usual, but because of our late night on Saturday - as well as Munchkin and Pipsqueak to keep us busy - I don't think we took full advantage of it. Still, Mema and Kyla were chosen to be filmed for a documentary on the famous percussionist who was playing.
Birthday boy, Dearne and Andrew (AKA "Laba")

Kennedy kids Christie, Bill and Aunt Crazy (AKA "Anne")

Nate and Matt

Bill, Fitte, and Christie (everyone laughs like this when they're talking to Fitte)

Pipsqueak (Kyla) and Mema at Brunch

Munchkin (Lauren) attacks her OJ

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Meredith said...

Happy 30th, Billy!!! It looked like a fabulous celebration!