Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy (belated) 40th, Spies!

Happy birthday, Spiesie Weezie!
I went to Ocean City on Saturday for Mrs. Spies' 40th birthday dinner. What a blast! It was a long trip in the car, but contrary to forecasts, the weather was GORGEOUS! It was great catching up with her and all her buds. High School friends (i.e. Dark Ages), Kelly & Robin are pictured above. Spies is next to me in the pink sweater.

Robin (AKA "Small") scored this ring from a taxi driver... why is it I never MAKE money from a taxi ride, and she does?? These pictures are from Harborside, home of the world-famous Orange Crush.

Spies, Ted, and Erin at Sunset Grille

We missed Moge, though, who was buying a minivan. Boy how times change!!!

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