Monday, May 19, 2008

Another glorious weekend!

Hi there friends and fam!

Well, it's Monday again. Ho hum. I have to admit, however, that I am not at ALL depressed! I had a great weekend, and on Saturday morning, I leave for ENGLAND for a week!! Cheerio, Yanks - Aunt Crazy is OUTTA HERE!!

Samantha Pickett (soon to be Crane!) and Simon

On Saturday I ran a lot of errands, then hit another Richmond party starring Ledfoot. I really am quite the groupie! They get better and better every time though!

Yesterday we had a GLORIOUS garden party brunch in Susan's amazing backyard. All I did was bring a bowl of mixed fruit, but Leslie brought Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails, Susan made muffins, sausage and an incredible frittata, and Kristen made Bean Pie! I know, I've never heard of it before either, but it was DELICIOUS.

Afterwards we did a Girls' Junk Swap. Every American woman should do this twice a year. we brought all the cosmetics, magic potions, hair tonics and clothes that we realized we'd never use again, and we swapped them out of the trunk of our cars. It was truly a cleansing experience! I'm taking the unwanted items to the Luals' this week. They have 5 teenage girls. These things WILL be used, including the tiger-print sparkly powder puff!

After digesting, I headed to Charlottesville for our friend Roger's graduation brunch. Apparently I'd missed the REAL party the night before, which ended with folks falling out of taxi cabs and broken lawn chairs, such as this poor thing.

Roger Geyer is now a PhD. I personally believe that it's only because "Doctor Rog" sounds so incredibly cool. Congratulations Roger!!

Ladies love a Doctor. It's a fact.

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Jennifer Roberts said...

hey you.. looks like a great weekend! Been meaning to comment all week. Hope your trip to England is ab fab!! Enjoy and be safe!
When does Billy come back?