Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SCAM ALERT! Charge from "TLG*GREATFN" on my credit card

And here's the kicker... they consider this an AUTHORIZED TRANSACTION! They will cancel if you call, but here's what happened. I found this link, and I don't even need to retype it all, because it is exactly what must have happened to me.

LESSON LEARNED: Don't click on those "Click here for $20 rebate!" pop ups... as soon as you do, all of your personal information is transferred from the website (from which you're buying legitimate stuff) to some organization called "Great Fun", who charges you a "membership fee" of $12.99.

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Anonymous said...

They got me for 119 which seems to be a figure they use on varying scams mine was supposed Identity theft protection hell they are the Identity thief I think they got my credit card number from AOL.