Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots of Haps to Catch up on!

OK, where do I start?

Well, the most important news, of course! Uncle Bill reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro this weekend!! He had a little help, but all in all, not to shabby for a kid who spent most of his life at sea level. The elevation of Virginia Beach, VA is 10 feet, so after metric conversion, 5895 meters or 19,340 feet... minus 10 ... well, that's roughly 19,330 feet higher than he's used to. Wow.

We're all extremely proud of him.

Uncle Bill, at Kilimanjaro's peak

Cute story... My sister tried to explain to Lauren what Uncle Bill did and how big a deal it was. She kept looking for Sydney and Aunt Crazy in the picture. Ha! I got news for you, kid: Aunt Crazy won't be anywhere NEAR that picture without some SERIOUS Photoshop!

Latest pic (from Sister Crazy) of Nieces Crazy, Lauren (with crazy morning hair) and Kyla

I went back to Virginia Beach on Saturday to help my Mom with one of the final cleanouts of her abode. It was a great weekend, and although not a traditional Mothers' Day by any means. That's OK - we had a fun and productive time.

After furniture moving, we checked out Mr. Geyer's new training center digs for his company, HyperLearning.

The brothers Geyer, George and Roger

Then we headed to Neighbor's Pizza (YUM) and to Jake's baseball game at the Kempsville Pony Baseball park.

Jake on the mound

Jake's brother, Noah (blonde and center) had already played earlier in the day, so I joined him and his friends for a photo

Mom's house is so empty it's almost unrecognizable! She's done a great job of pacing herself, but even Mema had to admit that giving away her piano on Saturday really hurt.

Mema in the kitchen on Mothers' Day morning. In answer to your questions, well, 50/50. She liked the bike, but she wanted NO PART of the dollhouse. Oh well!! I'll deliver the bike to her new digs in North Carolina this summer when she's all moved in. Meanwhile, it looks like Aunt Crazy is stuck with a dollhouse!

On Sunday evening, we had the chance to meet Padma's new boyfriend, Daniel. He's a great guy. Unfortunately, he lives half a world away! At least for now .... :)

Monday morning Aunt Crazy was up at 5:30 to chaperone a field trip to Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg for the Tuckahoe Middle School English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Awut roped me into this, and I'll admit, I'd forgotten what a PAIN teenagers can be! It was a really interesting day, but quite cold and quite ... well, teenagery.

Governor's Palace

Awut is second from the left

Awut handled my presence remarkably well. I had told her ahead of time that chaperones are mean. Was she sure that she wanted me to come along? She said yes, so there I was. One kid was particularly awful to me. I was trying to corral the kids from the gift shop into lunch. I said "OK, bring what you're going to buy to the register or head over to the cafeteria. The food is ready." He stared up at me with a look of pure disgust and said "No." Really? Seriously? So because I had no authority at all, I paused and said "Please?" He just ignored me entirely. So I left him there.

At lunch I told Awut I didn't like him. She said "I know. I heard him saying you were getting on his nerves." Haaah!! Oh well. The important thing is that she and I are still friends!

Shwew! I guess that's it. I was supposed to go to my sewing class again last night, but ... well, you can already guess how that went!!

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Sounds like that boy needs a good disemboweling and gut-salting. Next time, tell him that you're going to let birds peck at his gut-pile. Instant authority.