Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is screaming at refugees a sign you're tired?

Personally, yeah. I think it is. I tutor the most thoughtful, intelligent, hilarious, hard-working family of Sudanese refugee children in the world. OK, I haven't yet met all of the Sudanese refugees in the world, but I'd still lay money that this is the best group there is.

Somehow, however, that didn't keep me from getting into a screaming match with one of them last night. The worst part is that I AM the adult! I'm the one who has eaten properly, has gotten a reasonable amount of sleep and does NOT have to take the Virginia Standards of Learning tests the next day. Still, I couldn't help myself. So there's a new rule when Princess Anne comes to tutor: if anyone says "will you please just tell me the answers" I walk out. I have no excuse for raising my voice, but I stand by my conviction to actually force these kids to LEARN something. I'd rather finish 4 of the 20 homework problems that are assigned and have the child able to do his/her own work by the last one than push through all 20 where no one learns anything.

PS - is it bad that I don't stop them when they call me Princess Anne? Yeah, you're right. That's probably not right.

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lemmie said...

i love the pix of your niece! yes, screaming means you're tired. but it's understandable. they need to learn! :) can't wait till wed!