Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OK, I can either talk about the incredibly sad funeral I went to on Sunday or I can tell you a funny story about the Luals. Hmmm? What’s that? Funny story? Yeah, I agree. Even though this is only my 4th entry and it will be the second one about the family I tutor, it’s worth it. I think it’s kind of adorable.

So here goes. Last night I actually EXPERIENCED a scene from Crocodile Dundee. Let me tell you, it was no less amusing the second time around!

None of the kids had homework, but the twins are “graduating” from Pinchbeck Elementary on Thursday, and they don’t have shoes to wear with their dresses. I said I would take them to Payless to pick up something. Next thing you know, there are 5 Lual girls and me in my little Toyota Matrix heading over to Regency Mall. (I know, I know, that’s not quite enough seat belts, but it was hard enough to leave the two littlest boys at home crying because they wanted to come too!)

Now the reason this story is so cute is because this is the first time they have ever been to a Mall. EVER. Can you imagine? It’s a little hard to picture that a 15 year old, a 14 year old, twin 11 year olds, and a 7 year old who have lived in the US for 3 years have never been to a mall. I’m sure some of you have already guessed which scene was reenacted by now…

That’s right - the escalator. I spent almost a half hour watching them go up and down the escalators. They had never been on one! They looked just like Mick Dundee as he comes off the plane and stands at the top of the escalator in the airport. Do you remember? He looks at the steps, steps back, looks around, and then finally sort of “hops” onto that first step … then he’s about a third of the way down before he starts to smile at his achievement.

Can you imagine? Dangling your foot… one goes by “… maybe the next one … no, that was too fast! And what’s with the moving handrail?” …the adrenaline induced by the constant fear that another shopper or – God forbid, one of your sisters! – is coming up behind you! It was marvelous to watch. The oldest girl wanted no part of it so after one round-trip, she hung out with me upstairs overlooking the chaos below. Predictably, about 5 minutes into it, they came up with the idea of going up the down escalator and down the up escalator. That revelation was funny to see, as well. It was a good night.

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lemmie said...

oh my gosh - you have me hooked onhttp://www.relocatetorichmond.com/search.php!
:). had fun last night! i loved freaking the chinese restaurant dudes out.