Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Christie and Matt went to a wedding in the Outer Banks this weekend - poor things. Was I jealous? No way! I had three full days to hang with Lauren and Kyla!

Goofing around on Saturday morning

Lauren reached into the drawer and said she needed her "piggy nose..."

See? You never knew that a safety plug for an electrical socket could serve as a piggy nose, did you?

Kyla didnt' find another nose in the drawer, but was content to laugh at Lauren's.

Aunt Crazy took the girls to Harris Teeter for "a coffee" (i.e. vanilla frappuccino)

There weren't any benches in the shopping center so we made do with what was handy.

Then off to a neighbor's birthday party!
(Party started at 10:30 AM ... can you believe it's only 10:30? I couldn't!)

Landree (birthday girl) and Lauren

Janet (Mom) and Landree

Kyla and Landree with their cake


Lauren with cake mouth

Kyla had just turned 2 the week before, and I swear she thought it was her birthday all over again. She had the routine down ... sing as loud as you can, smear cake all over your face, even unwrap the gifts! (We stopped her in time.)

Playing with the water table on Sunday morning; I forgot how much fun squirt guns are!

Kyla dipping her elbows in the water

I was able to head off an "I miss Mommy" meltdown with fudgecicles.

Yep, that worked.

Time to walk off the popsicles with a walk around the lake.

Kyla with dandelion

Lauren and dandelion

Kyla looking cute

Lauren looking adorable

OK, after the rain ended our walk around the lake, it was time for fingerpainting.

Fingerpainting without a shirt for Kyla (I learned my lesson after the popsicle!)

Over to Mom's house for dinner on Sunday night ... the girls loved the puddle.

Lauren on her tricycle

Kyla and Lauren

Back in Crazy's car to head home!

On Monday morning, Lauren wanted me to take a picture of her in her dress with a flower from her ballet recital. It was a good opportunity to play with my camera settings. I'm trying to practice portraits because I am photographing our friends' wedding in July! So bear with me - some of these aren't that good, but the moments are cute!


Lauren laughing

Kyla and Lauren

Kyla, Mema, and Lauren

I like this one ... I tend to like the ones with a lot of action.

Smell Mema!

Back outside for more sprinkler time!

Kyla let the sprinkles hit her a bit, but she was more interested in running around than getting wet!

The same could not be said for Lauren! :)
What a blast! I can't wait until everyone comes to Richmond in a couple weeks to see Uncle Bill, who is returning to town!

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