Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Florida

For those of you who haven't heard, Aunt Crazy's nieces (the real ones - not the multitudes of anklebiters who now call me Aunt Crazy!) have moved to Florida.  Last weekend I went to visit.  Ladies and Gents, this is a NEW Florida!  I never knew a Florida without palmetto wallpaper and rattan existed, but lo and behold ... voila!

On Saturday, we headed to Busch Gardens with the Rawls, who were also in town.

The Swartzs get ready to trek.  Pipsqueak couldn't WAIT to get to ride the Scorpion!


Baby Skylar was SUCH a great sport.

Poor Squirt was tired from the beginning... and we haven't even found a ride yet!

Nancy and Skylar

A rhino!

Matt and Rich lift Skylar so she can see the rhino too!

Finally - The Scorpion!

I was holding Kyla when Lauren started out (with Mom, Dad, and Nancy in tow!) ... she was able to put into words what I could not:  "Aunt Crazy, I don't think I'm going to like this." Pretty good for a 3 year old!

See Nancy, Christie, and Matt in the second to last car!

What a drop!  Pipsqueak, I can't BELIEVE you wanted to ride this!

Then a LOOP?  Are you kidding me!

This is a zoomed in picture of them upside down.  You can see Nancy's arm around Lauren and Matt and Christie in front of them.

Coming up around another bend ...

This is a good view of all 4 ... you can even see Lauren smiling.

Kyla, meanwhile, chose a more easy-breezy airplane ride.  In front of here is a little girl named Kayla - just one letter off!

Lauren on the motorcycle ride.

Skylar and Kyla on the choo choo train.  I love how every time the attendant told Kyla to keep her hands inside the car, she did this pose throughout the entire ride! So cute.

Their conductor was hilarious.  This little girl was VERY enthusiastic.  Her Mom told us - in way of an explanation? - "She's never met a stranger."

The Rawls greet Skylar after her first EVER amusement park ride!  They weren't sure she's care too much about it, but she loved it!

The munchkins on the motorcycles.



Rich bravely took both Kyla AND Skylar on the carousel ... they loved it! 

Aunt Crazy in the eyes of a munchkin ... Lauren got a hold of my camera while we were waiting for lunch.

Lauren's view of the ceiling

The munchkins and Christie

This is an adorable picture of beautiful Skylar, but you haven't seen ANYTHING until you've seen her - on demand! - Stinky Face.  (Patent Pending.)

Kyla on the hippo ride ... hands inside the hippo in the same pose!

The hippo goes over the hump ...

... and the hands are out of position!!  They were back in position shortly thereafter!  So cute.  Like the Scorption, Kyla talked about the hippo ride for days.

Sunday morning.  The girls slept in Aunt Crazy's clothes. 

Off for a swim in the pool!

Kyla's view of Aunt Crazy with her video camera.

Making brownies while Mom and Dad took the Rawls to the airport.

While the brownies are baking, we - once again - review the Busch Gardens map to see the Scorpion and the Hippo ride.

Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner!  Lauren wearing my pashmina.

Munchkins in the pool on Labor Day.

Munchkin cousins, Amelia and Dylan, came over.

Kyla, the cutie.

Ah, the popsicles have kicked in. DANCE PARTY!

Lauren went to Kindergarten on Tuesday morning so I hung out with Ky-boo until it was time to go to the airport.

Thanks Swartz family!  I had a great time.  You have a beautiful home!!

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