Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas!

All right! In reverse chronological order, we have the following events on which I have NOT updated you!

Below is a picture from our Project Runway tea yesterday. I went a little crazy with the decor since it was either decorate or write my Christmas cards. Tablecloths and candles won out. Left to right are my friends Kristen, Leslie, Susan and Aunt Crazy.

Last Tuesday I took Anger Lual (and her sisters Achan and Awut) to Anger's choir concert. this is her grade singing ... I have circled her little head in red.

We had fun, but let's be honest, it was also a little boring. Why do choral directors always pick the most BORING CHRISTMAS SONGS EVER???
Below is Anger, Achan, Awut, their cousin Nyibol, and their two friends from Tuckahoe.
The weekend of December 8th I went home to Virginia Beach to see my Mom and go to a party at the Geyers', good family friends. On Sunday I met Jenni, my best friend from High School, for lunch.
We weren't happy with this picture. In real life we are MUCH hotter than this ... you gotta believe me.

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