Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sorry I haven't written in a while! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We had a nice one, which was followed-up by a trip to my cousin's house for desert. Above is a picture of Mema, Chuck, Bill (AKA Uncle Bull) and a very squirmy McKenna! (McKenna LOVED Thanksgiving - she had cranberry sauce all over her head!)

I have heard a lot of stories lately about the perils of preparing for Christmas. There are Christmas trees on fire, overspending to the brink of bankruptcy, and certainly over-imbibing (you know who you are!!)

Until this morning, however, I'd never heard of our good friend Rudolph the Reindeer wreaking havoc on innocent families across the US ... again, until this morning.

Meet my friends - let's just call them The Griswolds. You may know them from the link to Dad’s page on the right over there ... SuburbanDaddy.com. SD, if you'd planned to post this, I'm sorry for stealing your thunder! I also borrowed your vernacular for the boys ... remember; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! :)
Meredith e-mailed me this morning with some updates on the Griswold clan. Meredith and Suburban Daddy have 3 sons now, so I expect the occasional insanity, but this quote made me laugh out loud!

From Mere:

“The boys are all good and very excited for Christmas. Thing 1 and Thing 2 watch "Rudolph-the Red-Nose-Reindeer" just about every night. It's probably getting a bit out of hand since they got into a fight this morning about whether or not Thing 2 had a shiny nose. “

In other Christmas news, Scott sent me a link to a web site that makes "you and yours" dance like elves. It's hilarious - check it out! Here I am with my friends Amy and Scott....

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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