Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 2-3 Weekend in Cary

AHA! My camera is back and ready to roll...

OK, I'm going to do one weekend at a time! First, my visit to Cary over the first weekend in August. This was kind of a spontaneous trip just to see the munchkins and check out how Mom's new house was coming along. On Saturday we hung out at Christie and Matt's pool, then Sunday we went to Mom's pool. Well, more accurately, ONE of Mom's pools! One of the advantages of living in a Senior Active Lifestyle Community is that you have a grown up pool, and then you have the MOAKP - the Mother of All Kids Pools. This is the pool to end all pools. In Matt's words, it's really more like a waterpark actually.

This is Kyla's grinning face because Aunt Crazy is finally done awkwardly loading her up with sunscreen.

Mema relaxes with her water and plays peek-a-boo with Kyla.

OK, it's important to watch the progression of the next three pictures. I am on a CONSTANT quest to get a picture of these two girls smiling in the SAME FRAME. Now, just as soon as Kyla pushes Lauren's hand off her head....

OK, we almost have it ... Lauren's starting to smile and Kyla can almost declare victory ... uh oh! An unanticipated snag!!

Just when we start to get a smile from Kyla, the WHISTLE BLOWS! Lauren's been waiting patiently for the Lifeguard to blow his whistle and let the kids back in the pool. Check out her eyes in the picture above. Suddenly accommodating Aunt Crazy's photography fetish just doesn't seem so important. Oh well! Back in the pool!

This gives you a pretty good idea of some of the fun kids stuff. Matt's standing next to these huge faucets, where you just pull the rope and water gets dumped on your head.

Here's Pipsqueak (that's right, Pipsqueak - she doesn't like Munchkin, so we had to switch it up a bit ... Kyla is now "Squirt", which fits, actually) emerging victorious from one of the three water slides.

I'm pretty sure that to Kyla, this was just a bathtub you can walk around in. She loved this faucet.

Aunt Crazy and Squirt on the slide. This is about as adventurous as I get! :)

Mema and Aunt Crazy babysat while Mommy and Daddy went out. Here's Lauren all cleaned up.

Mema and Squirt on the swingset at home. This is definitely the "before" picture. Kyla clearly thought she'd outsmarted Mema by starting to climb when Mommy wasn't around to tell her not to.

Unfortunately she didn't realize that her plan would later be foiled when she got to the top step and was pulled off! Too bad, kid. It was worth a shot.


Jennifer Roberts said...

Holy CRAP!! If that's what it's like... I can't WAIT to be in an active senior community or whatever that's called... my gravy, that looks like fun for the kiddos!!
And the definition in your biceps in the slide picture did not go unnoticed! Go girl! ;)

lemmie said...

they are sooo cute! i agree with jennifer - when can i go to an active senior community!