Friday, September 5, 2008

Bathroom and Beach

Labor Day was a BLAST!

Click on the picture below for a REALLY poor quality movie I made of clips from the real tape... I'm pretty sure I won't get the Academy Award for Editing any time soon! (I have an old camera, and it only lets me convert footage in 10 second intervals.) Jen also posted about the day here, too. (Yes, she shared some of her pictures with me!)

Awut, Anger, Ayak and Achan in Virginia Beach

Anger and Achan holding the Louise Park roses from my backyard that I brought for my Dad... our first stop in Virginia Beach on Monday morning.

John C. Kennedy

The Lundgren Family! I haven't seen Jenni in forever, so it was a great day of catching up.
... although ...

I didn't catch up as much as I wanted, because I was so distracted by the Lual girls! It was their first time at the beach, so I was NERVOUS. Although it was a beautiful day, the waves were pretty big. I guessed 10 feet, but Matt brought me down to Earth! Apparently they were only 5 foot waves, but they looked HUGE to me!

Awut, Ayak, Aunt Crazy, Achan and Anger... I STILL don't understand how Jenni got their names right! Amazing.

Ayak and Nick, maxin' and relaxin'

What did you say? Oh yeah, I hear ya... it is pretty daggone brave to stand next to her in a bikini. Brave or just plain stupid. Seriously though, I'm so proud of her! And she earns it, too. Just ask her about her recent spin classes! Yikes!

Awut waves at the camera between tumbles. (Yes, her suit was loaded with sand!! Come on... you know you were thinking it!)

Matt and Jenni

Nick - I love the expression on his face! He just got his cast off, so - being the evil Mom and Aunt Crazy like we are - we kept making him run around as we giggled at his little limp. Poor guy. :)

Ayak, Achan and Awut buried poor Anger. Jenni told me that as she was walking by she heard one of the girls say to Anger "Stop breathing - you're breaking it!"

I adore this picture of Carly and Nick. Again, it was a GREAT day.

Meanwhile, back in Richmond, in order to earn my trip to the beach, I charged myself with painting my bathroom.

For over a year now, the drywall in the corner has been slowly crumbling for a year. I finally patched it up a few weeks ago but - OF COURSE - I don't have any of the original paint. so even though the bathroom looked FINE, now it needed to be painted. And because it was a CORNER, the ceiling needed to be painted too. And because it is a BATHROOM, I might as well prime with Kilz to prevent mildew, right?

Ugh. Such is the life of a homeowner.

Crack Corner (well, one kind of crack corner!)

Bathroom before (Crack Corner on upper right)

Bathroom during ...

Bathroom done. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Friends for *GASP* 21 years?? I love you, girl!!

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lemmie said...

bathroom looks great!
i love the beach photos, too!