Monday, December 8, 2008

Church and Chowder

On Sunday, the Luals invited me to Dinka Church. Well, not Dinka Church, necessarily, but a church service at the local Episcopal church, specifically by and for the Dinka and Sudanese community in Richmond. Here are a few shots of the afternoon...

Pretty Talented!

Saba, Nyaring (the oldest sister of the family I tutor) and Awut
Chan (mother of the family I tutor)

Abraham, Nyaring, some guy... some other guy... Achan, Awut, and Anger. I wish I could remember everyone's name!

A shot of the kids playing in the nursery area.

This gentleman just returned from Sudan. The speakers were extremely considerate of us non-Dinka guests ... they tried to speak in Dinka and in English, when they could. I enjoyed listening to both!

Anger, Achan, Awut and little Muloh

After Dinka Church, I rushed home to meet the Richmond girls at my house for dinner. Susan (well, her husband Ben, really!) made a delicious shrimp and corn chowder, Leslie brought apps and Jamestown spiced wine, and I threw in the apple pie and cinnamon ice cream.

This is the homemade sourdough bread Kristen brought. Yum... still warm.

Leslie, Kristen and Susan in my kitchen.

Aunt Crazy, Leslie, and Kristen with our new scarfs - made
for us by Susan

Christmas presents from Leslie! Friendship bread (not pictured), and our FAVORITE - Chili Dawg wine and Easy Cheese... which go surprisingly well together!!

Favorite tagline from the Chili Dawg bottle: Our dog WILL bite!


92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Peaks of Otter Winery is the BEST! We took Carly there when she was three weeks old.. I have the cutest pictures of her there... We've been back a few times since; it's one of our favs. I don't remember the Chili Dog/Cheez whiz story, but I'm going to for next time! Cheez whiz is so yummy...

Anne said...

Ooo - maybe I'll bring Chili Dawg wine when we meet in Williamsburg! Let's just say it won't be the FIRST time we drank in the car in that town. *flash back to Busch Gardens circa 1989* Hahaha....

Kristen Kidd Donovan said...

Thanks for the party! And for taking the cute pictures!

And thanks for the e-mails you forwarded. Those were great. Have a good one!

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Oh good grief, the memories. Ack! Hey, those are your initials! :)
I'll swap ya a Chili Dawg wine for one Matt's got around here and recommends... how 'bout that?