Monday, December 8, 2008

Hagerstown in November!

This is a Catch-Up Post from the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I ventured from Richmond to Hagerstown for a Girls' Weekend; not because Hagerstown is so incredibly HAPPENIN', but because it's an inexpensive, central location to meet some girlfriends. Andrea lives in Pittsburgh, Mary Brown lives in Springfield, and Gita lives in North Potomac, so it was a relatively easy getaway for all of us.

The fridge in the Hampton Inn was a wee bit intense for our champagne, so when we opened it, it overflowed... and overflowed... and overflowed. Notice how Gita pulled the plug on the sink drain to save every drop. Andrea said - in all seriousness - "Should we find a straw?" Gotta love a girls' weekend.

Dinner on Saturday night at the Texas Roadhouse - Aunt Crazy, Gita, Andrea and Mary Brown

View from my seat at the Texas Roadhouse.

On my way back on Sunday night, I met Soo and Jeff for dinner at Neisha Thai. They had gotten engaged the weekend before. YEAH!!

Apparently the Williamsburg Inn was INCREDIBLE. The staff really went out of their way to make the weekend extra special.

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