Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soo gets married!

On June 20th, Soo Kang became Soo Kang-Johnson! Here are some shots from my fabulous weekend as maid of honor!

Day before the wedding ... checking out the reception place and learning that Angelina Jolie was just here the day before having a press luncheon for UN Refugee Day.

Jeff and Soo raking in the gifts before heading to the rehearsal dinner.

The Rehearsal Dinner at Founding Fathers

The pickles at Founding Fathers
Soo and her brother Shawn, with his daughter Rachel.

I let Jeff's nephews take a lot of the pictures from the weekend and they did a GREAT job! Eneko took this picture of me after the rehearsal dinner ... a reminder that the camera does not always have to be parallel to the horizon to get an interesting shot! (Of course I have that "becareful with my camera" look on my face like I always do in pictures!)

Soo and Jeff say goodnight and grab the ring boxes to go ...

Hanging at Starbucks on the morning of the wedding for a good 2 hours! That is ONE RELAXED BRIDE!

Rehearsing the dance

We were laughing because Soo kept saying "Jeff crosses my arms" and I couldn't figure out what she was talking about ... finally I got it.

Wouldn't be a DC wedding without a protest in front of the hotel down Pennsylvania Avenue!

The Dress

Me and Soo

The Bride in the mirror (no, that is not a Michael Jackson reference)

Soo walking out of the Hotel Lombardy headed next door to the Arts Club of Washington and running into Jeff's sister Sheila, his brother in law Jeff, and their son Marty. I love Sheila's expression!

The flowers
The flower girls, Rachel (Soo's niece) and Amaya (Jeff's niece)

Art shot (I'm trying to get ready to take pictures at my friends' wedding in July, so I practiced on Soo)

Jeff emerging from his "Groom cave" in the basement of the Arts Club. Jeff's a tall guy! This house was built by James Monroe as his DC residence.

The kiss!! (Cindy took this one - I can't take credit!)

Posing for the portrait shots

Soo changed into a more comfortable dress for the rehearsal. Here she is in her changing room with Suzi and Suzi's daughter, Chia.

Cindy and Eric!

Joann was swinging single, since her husband had a last minute business trip to NY and her kids were with their grandparents in Virginia Beach. Here she is with her red AND white wine, which she explained by saying she had both red meat and fish on her plate!

First Dance

Friends John, Stacey, Cindy and Eric

Cindy took this ... I think the relief that my Maid of Honor duties were over is on my face!

Eric, Cindy, and Soo dancing.

Just the girls - me, Soo, Cindy and Stacey (and Stacey's daughter to be)

More Dancing!

I love this picture of Amaya!

The wedding wouldn't be complete without me freaking the bride.

Oh dear. Fun though!

Jeff opened this gift at brunch on Sunday. They headed to Copenhagen on Tuesday for the Honeymoon!

Farewell DC ... thanks for a gorgeous weekend!

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