Friday, October 8, 2010

Well, if KRISTEN can do it!!

So today on I saw that Kristen Chenoweth, an adoptee, is not only a big adoption philanthropist, but may also be considering adopting! 

I mean seriously, could we have ANY MORE in common?  Aside from our phenomenal resemblance, we have exactly the same singing voice, natural acting talent, and charming personality.  Now this?  Dang girl, could you please GET OFF MY COATTAILS?  This "Single White Female" act is SOOO last century.  Sheesh. 
Kristen Chenoweth - Adoptee? Yes. Adoptive Parent? Who knows!

Fare the well, Canon 30D! 

Aunt Crazy and her 30D ... it's a good picture of the camera, anyway.  

My camera of many years died recently... or so I thought.  So I sold it at a discount to a coworker and bought a new camera, only to discover that it was my LENS that was broken.  So then I also had to buy a new lens (although Canon repair is pretty good so I'll probably have this one repaired.)  In addition to the unexpected extra expense of the new lens, I also justified the purchase of my new camera by taking part in a rebate, whereby if I purchased a printer for $339 with the new camera body, I would get a $400 rebate. No brainer, right?  Not only do I get $60 off the camera from the start, I could simply Craigslist the printer for some additional cash.  Yeah, well, that hasn't worked.  I haven't had a single nibble on this printer.  If you all get framed photos for Christmas this year, you'll know I ended up keeping the printer!  Ayayay.  Did I mention I was an Econ major in college?  Yeah, I know.

 Del Ray Arts Festival

 My beautiful college friends, Jenna, Mo and Pad

 Katy won a rose contest!  The Park/Kennedy rose thing is definitely taking off in our family.  Maybe someday!

Then after leaving the girls, I had lunch with Sabrina and her twins at our favorite chinese restaurant, followed by a trip to Target for winter coats!!

Sabrina, Andre and Aliya

Aliya and Andre, who still has his chopsticks from lunch! 

The fishies were a big hit with Aliya!

Stuck in Traffic on 95 South ... this was unusual!
I crashed a birthday party with Nicole (who was invited!) and ran into Lisa from Mary Washington ... a very MWC weekend!
This last photo is just BECAUSE. 
Oh, Snooki.  Sometimes the words "train wreck" don't begin to cover it.

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